The biggest problem with being incredibly small ... almost everything can crush or eat you!

Middle schooler Tucker Duncan learns this the hard way. After helping a defenseless June bug escape a hornet’s sting, he wakes to find himself the size of a flea — and under attack by a wolf spider and her pack of spiderlings. Luckily for Tucker, a ladybug comes to his aid before the arachnids make an unhappy meal out of him.

But it turns out luck has nothing to do with his rescue — more like Lux, a Cerulean girl and pilot of Spot, a miniature aircraft disguised as a ladybug. The aviator was ordered to find the newly shrunken boy by Captain Corvus, the daring Saurian leader of the insect airship Viridis — the very June bug Tucker saved from the angry hornet, only to be stung himself.

Thanks to the Viridis crew, Tucker learns that hornet — a disguised Stingership — was armed with Odax, and the effects of the unearthly element sucked him into a hidden world on the brink of battle.

Join Tucker Duncan in his new little life, where even going out for pizza can be a dangerous adventure of epic proportions.


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